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This is a new group but the aim here is to create a collective of visually stunning artists and to help spread their work. You are probably one of those artists so please join the group and start contributing! :) + Once you're are a member you may help decide what makes it to the gallery(ies) here, each piece requires only 2 yes's once submitted before it will show in the galleries here. )

+ A few starting rules;
1. Current limit : 5 Deviations per day (please post into correct categories)
2. Not accepting : Stolen work : If you are found to be contributing stolen work then you will be removed from the collective n reported to the admins.
3. Be courteous to fellow deviants
4. Artistic Nudity is now being accepted. (You may submit into the regular folders, make sure it's the correct category still; Ie ; photography, traditional art, sculpture, etc)
5. There is a new Fan Art folder, as well as Cosplay, Sculptures & Crafts, and Literature folders, please use these folders from now on if your submission matches these. Thanks!

+ Submittions may be declined if they are;
1. Submitted to the wrong folder.
2. Plagiarized or Stolen Work
3. Distasteful, Disrespectful, or Pornographic Nudity

+ Nudity Guidelines
1. No Pornography; No Sex, No gaudy up-close shots, etc
2. It must be tasteful; If you're not sure whether it's tasteful, then it's probably not
3. Artistic Nude Photography and Art will be accepted within reason
4. If you're not sure about these terms, check out DA's nudity rules in their FAQ's, they explain it quite well last time I checked.
5. Lastly, just because it may be approved by DA does not mean it will be approved here, it will be a case by case basis.

+ Featured Gallery Requirements;
1. Our best artists will be included in the featured folder to help promote their pieces.
2. Must be of high enough quality. Ie; advanced artists. (The featured gallery is judged by quality, submittions to all other folders will never be declined based on quality.)
3. The Featured Folder is not submittable to for the time being. I will manually add the best works daily.

Last Edit : July 7, 2014 11:49PM EST
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Submitted on
March 10, 2014